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What is a Sprayground? A Sprayground is a different form of quality aquatic fun from the typical municipal pool! The concept of kids interacting with airborne water is hardly new - think sprinklers on sun-baked suburban lawns or open fire hydrants along simmering inner-city streets. Simply put, Spraygrounds are playgrounds with water features. Sometimes referred to as aquatic playgrounds, splash pads, water playgrounds, or water play areas. Remember the joy of running through the sprinklers as a kid? Now imagine running through sprinklers raining from a pirate ship or soaking your playmates with a rail mounted water canon.

Spraygrounds, Water Playgrounds and Spray Parks are popping up everywhere! Public and private parks, campgrounds, KOA’s, resorts, hotels, YMCA’s are taking advantage of this creative water play. The spraygrounds industry itself is more than 20 years old, and growing at an estimated 17% annual clip. It's not uncommon for large municipalities to install several spraygrounds at a time, often replacing standing-water recreational vessels in the process. The simple reason? They're popular, attendance is huge, and they're easy to maintain and operate.