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Regular Testing Ensures High Quality Water

Backyard barbecues, Marco Polo games, and midnight escapes demand high quality water.  Regular water testing is the best way to ensure properly balanced water for your pool and spa.

Experts recommend that pool and spa owners have their water tested on a regular basis to detect potential problems.  This creates awareness of any balancing and treatment adjustments needed before a problem becomes serious.

Most people assume that clear water means that the water is free of bacteria, swimmer residue, and algae and that the water is in balance.  This is not always so.  Pool and spa owners should make sure that their water has the proper amount of sanitizer and is balanced.  That means that your water should be tested by High Country Pools & Spas at least once a month.  Pool and spa owners should also test at home at least once a week.

Water Lab  

All pool and spa owners need to do is bring in at least a pint of water in a clean plastic container and we will test it for you.  We will print out a comprehensive computerized water analysis report that details every step you need to take to have clean, clear, and refreshing water.

Take a few minutes to make sure you know what steps are appropriate for the maintenance of your pool or spa water.  It’s quick, easy and smart.  Your water will be properly balanced, properly maintained and you will be able to enjoy your pool or spa.